Tips to Reduce Jet-lag for Business Travellers  Business travel can be exhausting and leave you feeling drained, tired and disorientated. Jet-lag can have an adverse effect on your concentration levels which isn’t ideal when you are attending that all-important business meeting. At A&G we offer a few valuable tips to help our clients avoid jet lag and have a more productive business trip. Avoid Red Eye Flights  Ideally try to arrive the day before your meeting and try to avoid those red-eye flights. This will help to prepare for your meeting and enable you to adjust to a different time zone if you are travelling long distances. Stay Hydrated It is very tempting to have a few alcoholic drinks on a flight, but if you are travelling a lot it’s better to drink water. Harley Street Nutritionist, Miss Salma S. Khan, advises that drinking coconut water before, during and after a flight has been found to reduce the effects of jet lag considerably. Drinking coconut water may be an effective way to hydrate the body and replenish lost electrolytes caused by the effects of dry cabin air. Travelling Economy Class If the company budget doesn’t stretch to business or first class and you need to travel in economy on a long-haul flight, we will advise which airlines are better suited for business travellers. An extra three inches of seat pitch can have a massive impact when you are on a 10-hour flight. Alternatively, the price difference between economy and premium economy can be minimal, particularly when booking in advance. Premium economy provides you with a separate, quieter cabin in which to prepare for your meeting. Mix up the Cabin to Provide Comfort   If your travel budget isn’t sufficient to justify flying in premium economy or business class in both directions, you can mix your cabin. A popular choice is to travel outbound premium or business to maximise comfort levels leaving you feeling fresh for your meeting. Most airlines offer this whilst minimising costs. These options are particularly attractive when travelling to the US/Canada and Asia as they enable you to travel in the lower cabin on day flights and the higher cabin on night flights. Exercise  Exercise is vital and will help you to feel refreshed. At A&G we can recommend suitable hotels that provide gyms or swimming pools, enabling you to take advantage of the facilities before and after your meeting. Stick to Your Own Time Zone  If you are travelling regularly on long-haul flights, try to stick to your own time-zone rather than constantly adjusting to a different time zone. This may be difficult but you won’t feel so exhausted when you arrive back home. Airport Business Facilities Most airports are equipped for business travellers and some more than others. Ensure that your travel booker or PA has fully informed you of the business facilities provided by your chosen airline and by the airport. Some airlines provide a service for your suit to be ironed and pressed for when you arrive and have shower facilities at the airport. This is very handy if you are heading straight back to work or have another business meeting to attend. Airport Transfer  Lastly, if you are pushed for time, arranging an airport transfer can save you hassle and stress. Most transfers are flexible and the service will continually check your flights if the airline is delayed. This will allow you a stress free arrival to your meeting. A&G are an Independent Corporate Travel Company providing businesses with solutions for all aspects of travel.