Whether you are a Business Traveller or a PA, booking the perfect hotel for a business trip can be a proverbial minefield.

Ever turned up to a hotel to find their WiFi keeps cutting out?

Perhaps you booked a hotel, including breakfast and dinner, only to find your microwavable pukka pie sitting lonely in your room fridge?

Or what about the hotel that was so difficult to find it left you wandering the streets for an hour or two, only to see you were back where you started!

If that wasn’t enough, you then looked up the hotel gym to de-stress, only to discover a room the size of a cupboard with a solitary running machine and a weight!

Many clients feel that they have to do the legwork themselves and ask their agents for specific hotels.

At A&G we consider recommending the ideal hotel to be an integral part of the service we provide. Let us know the location of your meeting point, and we can quickly identify available hotels, within easy walking distance, with amenities that are suitable for you.

We recommend hotels, based not only on official star ratings but also on the guest approval scores of thousands of reviews. This ensures we are providing hotels specific to your needs.

Many bookers believe the false myth that free WiFi is only applied to direct hotel bookings. We can ensure that your rate has this included.

Your needs may extend beyond having a comfortable bed in a quality hotel.

If you need a hotel with a swimming pool or spa? We will find it. Do you want a hearty breakfast and an evening meal?  Consider it done, and we promise no pukka pies!

Nothing is too big or too small. We have accommodated many different requests from laptop-compatible safes and deep-soaking baths to 24-hour health clubs – to name a few.

For unbeatable value on fixed and flexible hotel rates, contact an Account Manager now and ensure that your business trips are a joy.