Business travellers often claim to have a rock star’s appreciation of the countries they visit, experiencing the world from the inside of hotel rooms, taxi cabs and airport lounges.

They are seldom aware of how close they are to a whole new world of exciting experiences, and how easy and inexpensive it can be to find them.

Corporate agents are often happy to be order-takers, whilst leisure agents don’t have access to the savings made by using corporate fares.

At A&G we use our expertise to bridge that gap and will help you transform your long-haul business trips into exciting escapes.

Of course, this may not always be possible. You may be due at a Wednesday morning meeting straight from a 2-night long haul trip. But if you do find that your business trip falls towards the end of the week and you do have the opportunity to experience a new city and culture, then let us handle it for you.

Staying in Singapore for business?

Why not tantalise your taste-buds with a few days on a Bintan Island?

Visiting Washington or Miami for a conference?

Unleash your inner child with fun and frolics at Florida’s theme parks.

Sealing that big deal in Los Angeles?

Follow finance with fun, thrills and spills in Las Vegas.

The opportunities are endless, and the minimal extra costs may astound you. All you need is a couple of days spare. We can make the magic happen, suggesting the best leisure bolt-on based on your business destination, taking care of all the connections and transfers.

Transform your business trips into exciting, cultural experiences. The world awaits!

by Micala Sansom