Business trips can often involve travelling long distances in a short period. So it is important that you are well-prepared. Here’s some useful advice on the important items you might need to take with you.

When heading off to backpack around exotic climes to discover one’s inner-self, certain items of luggage have come to be seen as essential. A mesh net and mosquito repellent to prevent the beasties from eating you alive. A multi-purpose tool for hacking your way out of the jungle or (more likely) opening that pesky can of beans. A head torch to find your way back to your beach hut in the dark after one too many samples of the local moonshine.

But what are the essential items that will help you to cope with the contrasting perils of a business trip?

Power-bank – Most quality airlines and hotels come equipped with charge-points and USB ports. But what happens if you are putting the finishes to your essential presentation whilst hurtling across an unfamiliar city in a taxi?  Our phones are more powerful than ever, mainly serving as a personal pocket computer, but they are also energy-guzzlers. A good power-bank (ready-charged!) can prove to be your proverbial life-saver in such situations.

Headphones – The entertainment packages available on the top airline carriers now provide a multitude of quality entertainment options. However, the “disposable” headsets that accompany these still leave much to be desired for the discerning media-muncher. A small investment in a quality set of headphones will improve your on-board experience, and come in useful when catching up on work and voicemails whilst you’re taxiing between commitments or devouring a hotel breakfast. Choose a foldable set to minimise the impact on your baggage space and a noise-cancelling option so you can pump up the volume, without disturbing the whole cabin.

Portable humidifier – We are all becoming increasingly aware of the declining quality of the air we are breathing, particularly in large cities. Even in top quality hotels, air conditioning can ruin your hotel room experience, leaving your skin and eyes dry and your throat scratchy ahead of your important speech. Up-to-date models take up a minimal amount of space, are powered by USB and work with any water container.

Suitcase organisers – A well-organised suitcase will save time and help make your morning and evening routine a stress-free experience. Packing cubes are a great way to separate your clothes. Keep shirts and trousers crisp in the larger cubes, always know the location of that elusive pair of socks and quarantine your used clothes to a separate compartment. Invest in a decent toiletry bag to ensure all your essential bathroom items are easily accessible. Choose one with a hook for ease of use. Miniature toiletries are a godsend, meaning you can take your favourite shampoo and shower gel. Avoid unnecessary extra costs and environmental impact by retaining and refilling these when you arrive home, ensuring you are pre-prepared for your next trip.

Wrinkle releaser – Unfortunately not a way to make you look 10 years younger but a great way to ensure that at least your suit will impress! Ideally, we would all like to have an iron at hand and the time to use it, but business trips are increasingly rushed. Simply spray, tug and smooth to release those pesky wrinkles, whilst leaving clothes soft. Buy a small travel bottle that won’t be confiscated at the security gate and a larger bottle to refill from after each trip.

Carry on bag – Travelling light is one of the most popular strategies for any frequent flyer. A small bag is easier to organise, you can avoid the frustrating wait at the baggage carousel and, with many airlines increasingly introducing additional charges for checked luggage, travelling light can save you a small fortune. Many new, small suitcases are specifically designed to squeeze within the common airline dimension restrictions, resulting in a surprisingly large space in which to carry your clothes and essential travel items. You could pre-pack your liquids in a sturdy transparent plastic bag inside your toiletries bag, and ensure that this is easily accessible to quickly remove and replace whilst transiting security.

Armed with this advice, we hope that you can head out on your next business trip, footloose and fearless. Please give us feedback on your resulting experiences or feel free to pass on your own words of wisdom in regards to the gadgets and gizmos which you won’t travel without. Business owners, why not put together a standard pack for all your frequent travellers, ensuring that they get the best for your business out of your trip?

We are fully independent, so don’t advertise any specific products, but we will be happy to advise on putting together a bespoke business travel pack.

Written by: David Lister