When travelling for business, it is easy to let your spending get out of control.  That tempting drink or two at the end of the evening in the hotel bar, only to find it’s £15 per drink! But if you are working toward a cost per day, or have other constraints on your travel budget, it pays to learn some cost-cutting methods which you can put into effect that won’t leave you or your employer out of pocket at the end of the month.

Before Travelling

Plan ahead

Plan and book your business travel in advance. Scheduled airlines are almost always cheaper if you book them early. Travel Management Companies (TMC) have access to lower rates supplied by the airline. They also have the ability to hold seats and secure the price whilst you finalise plans; this can guarantee the price when otherwise you may have missed it.

Be prepared to compromise

When it comes to hotels all we essentially need are a bed, shower, TV and Wi-Fi to work and sleep. It doesn’t have to be five star. There are a lot of decent three-star hotels that offer a really good service for half the price. Or if you really don’t want to cut down on service and quality, then looking at hotels that are not quite as centrally located can reduce costs. For example, hotels in London are far more expensive if you are located in a central area like Covent Garden. But if you choose to be around Southbank, the costs can be reduced considerably.

Whilst Travelling


Travelling for business can be difficult because you are put right in the middle of the hospitality industry. Whilst they’re great at making you feel comfortable and providing for your needs, hotels and restaurants are also good at running up your bill.  But there are some easy ways to side-step a lot of unnecessary spending so you can stretch your business travel budget.

Eat before you go

Airport restaurants or snack bars are notoriously overpriced.  So even if you are leaving early in the morning, have breakfast before you leave your home, so you don’t have to buy food en-route.

Public transport

If the city you’re travelling to has a safe and practical public transport system, this can be much more efficient than renting a car or booking a taxi.  London has an excellent transport network, with many buses and tubes running 24 hours a day.

Share that ride

If you are travelling as a group, or you are meeting business partners at the destination, you can share a taxi or rental vehicles and save business costs.

Somewhere to eat

You can eat economically by avoiding hotel restaurants. A bit of research can unearth some real budget eating gems. Or take in a local food market, which is a great way to see the city too. London’s Borough Market has some great delis and places to sit and eat whilst working. Or stop at the nearest supermarket and stock your room with fruits and snacks, to cut down on the number of meals you have to eat out.

If you have been looking at ways to reduce your business travel budget then why not contact  A&G Corporate Travel, and let us take care of your travel needs?