When you first hear the term “traveller tracking” you may assume that it is a method for employers to keep tabs on their employees when travelling for business. However, organisations are not using the technology for sinister reasons. Far from it. Organisations use innovative traveller tracking technology to keep their employees safe in the event of an emergency and to provide the traveller with real-time information to manage the situation. 

We live in uncertain economic and political times, and unfortunately that means that occasionally the unexpected can occur – a natural disaster, a terrorist attack or even a civil dispute. 

So, how does it work?

At A&G we pride ourselves on the level of care that we have for our clients when they are travelling, whether at home or abroad. We are therefore delighted to have partnered with SI Risk to provide a comprehensive security systemthat aims to keep our clients safe from harm no matter where they are in the world. 

Location Tracking

We know where our travellers are, to the extent that we are aware where they have flown to and which hotel they are staying in. But what about where they are at any given time, for example when they head out for meetings or site inspections? By installing SI24, the SI Risk app, the business traveller’s location can be tracked in real-time via GPS. You can see where they are at all times, and where they have been. 

Don’t worry, this feature can be temporarily turned off, so privacy is not invaded!

Incident Reports

While it is possible to prepare for a heightened security risk in certain destinations, the reality of the world we live in is that incidents can occur anywhere and at any time. The location tracking app alerts users to any incidents within a set geographical radius, ensuring that if there is trouble in the vicinity, it can be avoided.

SI Risk has a Virtual Security Operations Centre (VSOC) which means that the traveller has 24/7 access to experienced security specialists who can assist with crisis management and provide real-time travel advice and guidance should an incident occur. The VSOC will also respond to any emergency SOS signal that it receives from the SI24 app.


In the event of an emergency, texts, push notifications and emails can be sent to the traveller to inform them of the course of action that they should take. When emergency situations occur, there is typically a great deal of confusion, and the SI24 app allows the business traveller to receive coordinated responses that are logged, controlled and managed.

The safety of our travellers is our priority, and while nobody wants to have to deal with an emergency situation, sometimes the decision is out of our hands. SI24 is a digital safety net that will provide you with accurate and relevant intelligence when you need it most. By partnering with SI Risk, A&G gives our clients peace of mind, so that if anything should happen, they know we have their back.

A&G Corporate Travel takes your personal security seriously and we are dedicated to travel risk management. To find out more about the services that we can provide, contact us today.