When a new report is released by a major player within your industry, it can be a double-edged sword. Have you made strategic business decisions that support the report’s findings or have you, so to speak, dropped a clanger?

Amadeus is a world-leading technology and distribution solutions provider, used by global business travel agents. The data they have access to is phenomenal; so the report ‘Traveller Tribe Trends 2020’ is big news in the travel industry. It covers all demographics of traveller expectations for 2020, but the tribe that we are interested in is ‘Global Executives’ – the business travellers.

So, how have A&G fared? Do we have the capacity to support and meet the demands of business travellers for 2020 and beyond? 

Thankfully, the answer is yes. Our personal service, coupled with our cutting-edge technology, ensures that we deliver an efficient, seamless and engaging travel experience at all stages of our clients’ trips. From booking, checking-in, in-flight, baggage collection and even client safety and security at their chosen destination, not only do we meet the expectations of business travellers, we exceed them.

One thing made very clear by the report is that the demand for corporate travel management companies will continue to increase, especially with consideration to the changing geo-political and social environment. 

Report takeaways

Business travellers have the following key needs from their travel:

  • Streamlined and time efficient journey.
  • Personalised service that pre-empts their needs.
  • Flexibility to extend stay and combine trips with leisure activities.
  • Access to technology throughout all stages of the journey.
  • Travel that caters for their downtime needs.

Technology remains the key to delivering an exceptional service, but it is the human connection and ability to personalise the experience which bridges the gap between the travel providers and the consumer.

Booking stage

Enhanced flexibility enables last-minute bookings, re-booking and cancellations. A cloud-based digital history means that personal travel records are accessible and personal packages can be delivered to suit the individual’s passenger profile. 

This creates a consistent and seamless service, regardless of the travel providers used. For example, a traveller could fly business to Dubai but charter a private jet for the next leg of the journey, without incurring additional work and stress booking business travel.

Check-in stage

Travellers have access to real-time information about their journey and are provided with detailed journey management – the aim being to optimise travel efficiency. The focus is on ‘forward flow’ which is a concept that streamlines travel efficiency.Integrating technology saves time and stress at the airport.  

For example, if a global executive arrives at the airport ahead of schedule, they can board an earlier flight and their baggage can be screened and collected from their accommodation before departure. Technology is used to remove the bottle necks that are associated with business travel.

Destination travel

Wearable chip technology and/or mobile phone apps ensure that global executives can be tracked during their trip. This is a way of identifying any security risks they may be exposed to in destination but the GPS technology can also be harnessed to achieve a more personalised service – relevant parties can be alerted to the traveller’s imminent arrival. 

Booking business travel is complex. The ‘Traveller Tribes 2020’ report has reiterated how important technology is in helping to overcome business travel challenges but also how exceptional customer care remains so important. The technology we use helps us to create stress-free, highly personalised, flexible and efficient travel solutions tailored to the traveller’s needs. 

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