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Time and Money Saving Tips when Booking Business Travel

Wasting too much time booking international travel and feel you are blowing the company budget? Follow our top tips that WILL save you some time and money along the way: 1)    BOOK IN ADVANCE It may seem obvious but, if you can get travel dates in advance from your...

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Ways to Reduce Stress when Booking Business Travel

April is National Stress Awareness Month, so it seems fitting that we delve into this subject and offer some support and guidance to PAs and Executive Assistants out there. We are not going to get all deep and go down the Agony Aunt route as we are a bunch of guys,...

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How to Cut Costs whilst Travelling for Business 

When travelling for business, it is easy to let your spending get out of control.  That tempting drink or two at the end of the evening in the hotel bar, only to find it's £15 per drink! But if you are working toward a cost per day, or have other constraints on...

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Why have a Business Travel Policy?

It is a myth that most business travellers resent their employer’s corporate travel policy.  The truth is that most employees like to know what is expected of them and how to comply with a corporate policy, providing that it is fair and allows them to accomplish the...

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Networking at Business Expos

Running a small business opens doors to networking. Two weeks ago, we attended our first Business Expo in Chessington. I have to admit that I was debating whether this was a better use of my time than being in the office dealing with my clients. However, I was amazed...

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How will Brexit affect Business Travel in Europe?

Brexit may be approaching at an alarming speed, and it leaves many business travellers with concerns and doubts about how travelling for business will look after 14th April. Nothing is certain at the moment, and until a deal has been made (if a deal is made), we won’t...

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Make your Business Trips a Pleasure

Business trips can often involve travelling long distances in a short period. So it is important that you are well-prepared. Here's some useful advice on the important items you might need to take with you. When heading off to backpack around exotic climes to discover...

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Transform your Business Trip into a Mini-Break

Business travellers often claim to have a rock star’s appreciation of the countries they visit, experiencing the world from the inside of hotel rooms, taxi cabs and airport lounges. They are seldom aware of how close they are to a whole new world of exciting...

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Book the Perfect Business Hotel

Whether you are a Business Traveller or a PA, booking the perfect hotel for a business trip can be a proverbial minefield. Ever turned up to a hotel to find their WiFi keeps cutting out? Perhaps you booked a hotel, including breakfast and dinner, only to find your...

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PA : Challenges & Solutions – When booking business travel

Behind every successful MD, FD, CEO, Business Executive or Industry Leader lies an assiduous, attentive and dynamic force keeping the wheels turning and the bolts in place; these are called PAs or Personal Assistants or Executive Assistants. Of all the PAs we deal...

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Our Top Tips for Dealing with Jet Lag

Tips to Reduce Jet-lag for Business Travellers  Business travel can be exhausting and leave you feeling drained, tired and disorientated. Jet-lag can have an adverse effect on your concentration levels which isn’t ideal when you are attending that...

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