The key to creating a successful event lies in exercising our brains – both the logical left and the inventive right.

That’s why we have partnered with BEYOND for your bespoke event solutions. The BEYOND team always start by understanding your objectives as well as your need to entertain, demanding a real insight into your business, meticulous planning and an ingenious imagination. BEYOND create intelligent events that deliver against your brief, your budget, your strategy and your aspirations. Resulting in a bespoke solution, perfectly tailored to your travel, commercial and creative needs.

BEYOND are experienced, senior professionals with both marketing skills and event expertise. They’re dedicated to sticking to your deadline – long or short – and your budget – big or small.  If you don’t need full project management, they offer a consultancy service to help you manage it yourself with the tools and insider-knowledge of a professional. 

Working together to deliver a personal service, we pride ourselves on servicing all your travel requirements with BEYOND designing great events that get under your brand skin and become an integral part of your communications strategy.

For further information please contact the A&G team on 0207 183 0216.